Tampa Yacht & Country Club Race Teams


The Tampa Yacht & Country Club Youth Sailing program works to support the development of youth sailors ages 8 - 15 years through recreational sailing, sailboat racing and other marine pursuits. In addition to that, we strongly support advancing sailors' sportsmanship, seamanship and navigational skills and fostering a lifelong passion for sailing. 

- Create an enduring interest in sailing that students will pursue after our program.
- Provide a safe environment for sailing instruction.
- Develop children's sailing ability at a rate that they are comfortable with.
- Make learning to sail a pleasant experience for all students.
- Develop children's appreciation of and respect for weather and the sea.
- Provide opportunities to compete and to practice good sportsmanship and teamwork.
- Develop sailor's self-confidence and self-reliance.
- Teach sailor respect for other people and property.
- Respect for the marine environment.
- An appreciation of teamwork and the value of sportsmanship.
- Build a foundation of strong boat-handling and racing skills.
- An understanding of US Sailing's Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS).



The purpose of defining objectives is to identify what a sailor should be learning as the season progresses.
They are divided into six categories of training:
- Safety
- Seamanship
- Boat Handling
- Rules
- Sportsmanship
- Racing

We utilize US Sailing's instruction forms of communication:
- Auditory (Hear it!)
- Visual (See it!)
- Kinesthetic (Do it!)

Methods of teaching include:
- Lectures (Chalk Talks)
- Demonstrations
- Land drills
- Water drills
- Debriefings (Reviews)