Frequently Asked Questions

• What does it mean to be a Green Fleeter?

Green Fleet is for new Optimist sailors to work on improving their sailing skills, including advanced boat handling, learning sail trim techniques and providing the opportunity to experience racing. The Optimist class age groups divide the fleet into novice sailors (Green), sailors 10 and under (White), sailors 11-12 (Blue) and sailors 13-15 (Red)

• What is an Optimist sailboat?

- Flat bottomed, hard chine, pram-bow dinghy with a una spritsail
- “a bathtub that breeds the best sailors” (Observant Sailor)
- 7’ 6.5” long and 3’8” wide, weighing in at 77 pounds. Made of fiberglass
- Easy transportation by trailer or car top
- Safe and simple enough for an 8 year old but exciting and technical enough for a 15 year old
- Over 150,000 kids in over 100 countries cannot be wrong. The Optimist is not only one of the biggest dinghy classes in the world, it is the fastest growing

• Do we need to attend all of the practices or regattas?

No, we do not expect everyone to be able to be at every practice or regatta. We do recommend that you try to be a part of every event that we schedule so your sailor can practice their skills and put them to goo use. The more time spent on the water practicing, the more their skills will improve.

• What if I do not know how to sail? How can I learn?

The sailing center provides adult learn to sail classes when purchasing either an individual or family membership. If you are a member of the St. Petersburg YC, the sailing center benefits are included with your membership. Did you know that more than 50% of new Optimist parents do NOT know how to sail?

• What are regattas?

A series of boat races that normally last from 8am to 5pm on weekends at local sailing clubs. They are usually formally structured events, with comprehensive rules describing the schedule and procedures of the event. Regattas may be organized as championships for a particular area or type of boat, but often are held just for the joy of competition, camaraderie and general promotion of the sport.

• What is our first Green Fleet regatta?

The Bruce Watters Green Fleet regatta on September 13 & 14 at the St. Petersburg Sailing Center. It’s a great first regatta for your Green Fleeter!

• What is the team attire for special events, team dinners, and award ceremonies?

Polo, Khaki pants or skirts (NO SHORTS OR JEANS)

• How long can my sailor use a TYCC Optimist?

TYCC Optimist’s are available for rental at $50/month and are limited to Green Fleeters

• If I buy a boat, can I store it at the Sailing Center?

As a member of the 2014-2015 TYCC Youth Sailing Team you are entitled to store one boat per sailor at the Sailing Center free of charge. Each sailor on the team will be guaranteed a spot for their personal Optimist or Laser in the storage racks inside the sailing center. All boats must be returned to their designated rack at the end of each practice.

• What are some good websites to find out more information? Very useful wind readings site US Optimist Dinghy Association; Parent Handout Local sailing gear/boat parts supplier Local sailing gear/boat parts supplier

• How do I get ahold of TYCC Coaching Staff?


Phone: (813) 482 - 3184