Green Fleet

The 'Green Fleet' is for the less experienced Optimist Class sailors. The goal is to encourage novices to attend their first Optimist regatta and to nurture their continued participation in Optimist racing. The emphasis is on fun and the objective of Green Fleet regattas are to offer younger and less experienced sailors the opportunity to sail and participate without feeling the need or burden to sail in the more competitive RWB Fleet. The Green Fleet is intended to be a positive introduction to competitive sailing. It should be clear that crowning a winner is less important than ensuring that the sailor in last place has fun too. 


At the conclusion of their first season, a Green Fleet sailor will know how to:

- Follow program rules
- Be safety conscious
- Stay protected from the sun
- Use a safety whistle appropriately
- Avoid collisions
- Put on and take off a PFD in the water
- Tread water without a PFD for five minutes in the ocean
- Capsize and recover
- Execute a squall/storm drill
- Be comfortable in an Opti on the water
- Tie an 8-knot, square knot, cleat knot, bowline, half hitch and clove hitch
- Tie sail ties and attach a sail to their spars
- Coil and throw a line
- Rig and de-rig
- Name the parts of an Opti
- Know where the wind is coming from
- Do simple navigation (north, east, south & west)
- Identify landmarks, navigational buoys and judge water depth
- Take care of his/her boat; stowing, securing and washing
- Use a praddle while steering
- Steer responsibly while on a towline
- Recover from irons
- Identify currents and tides
- Recognize the approach of puffs & luffs
- Explain how a sail works (push & pull)
Boat Handling
- Leave and return to the dock
- Maintain proper body positioning and weight placement in the Opti
- Hold the tiller and mainsheet correctly
- Gybe, tack, reach and run
- Sail upwind efficiently
- Use telltales for upwind steering
- Sail a figure eight, triangle and square course
- Stop and start
- Know when and why to adjust sail controls (sprit tension, outhaul & boom vang)
- Understand sportsmanship in racing
- Starts
- Round a mark
- Find clear air