Sailing Lessons

Sailing lessons at Tampa Yacht and Country Club are the perfect way to get into the sport. We will teach sailors the basics of boat handling and seamanship. Our goal is to teach to US Sailings mantra of Safety, Fun and Learning.

To make the learning process as accessible as possible we have broken things down into 2 day modules:

Start Sailing

The basics. We will learn how to rig, sail around the bay and return to the dock safely under supervision. 

 Intermediate Sailing

Here we will start to get into the more advanced maneuvers and refine techniques learned in start sailing.

 Flying Scot Skipper

Putting it all together. This is the last step before becoming a recognized FS skipper. On completion of this course you will be welcome to take out Flying Scots during daylight hours.

 Once you have become a skipper then we can start looking at other sailing opportunities:

Sunfish sailing 

A single handed boat sailed and raced all over North and South America. 


Learn the basics of racing sailboats.

 Sailing with spinnakers

Start using the symmetrical spinnakers on our Flying Scots. 

 Sailing lessons are available Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 till 15:00

For more information or to book a lesson please contact the Sailing Director