RWB Fleet

Sailors on the RWB Team have been sailing for at least a year in the Green Fleet and have shown superior skill and confidence in their racing abilities to compete in a more challenging class. The sailors age determines which fleet they will compete in. The white fleet ranges from 8 to 10, blue fleet is 11 & 12 year olds and the red fleet is comprised of sailors that are 13 & older. The sailors in the RWB division should take their racing and practice seriously in order to achieve success. That does not mean that it wont be fun along the path to success.


Once a sailor has reached the RWB Fleet, they will know how to:

Know and understand Rules 10, 11, and 12 from Rule book
Be able to assess the weather and determine how clouds, water and wind are related
Boat handling
Understand how position of daggerboard could change for different points of sail
Know when and why to adjust sail controls and be able to do while sailing
Understand how weight affects boat and how it can be used to help steer

Sail all standard race courses (triangle, modified triangle, modified olympic)
Assess wind on the course (puffs, lulls, shifts)
Adjusting sail for different legs
Apply racing tactics (favored ends, current, strategies)
Understand the rules that are used for racing
Understand how protests work
Show good sportsmanship to every other competitor on the race course
Understand different types of races (fleet, team, and match racing)
Understanding of other boats (flying scot, laser, hobie, sunfish)
Develop a racing focus
Understand the technical and kinetics of sailing
Develop physical and mental preparation for regattas